We are a scalp micropigmentation clinic specializing in replicating the hair follicle to recreate the natural hairline

SMP for women We have seen a spike in enquiries from women asking what Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) could do for their female pattern baldness. Given the limited options available, at least compared to men, it is an excellent question and one we are happy to answer Androgenetic alopecia, to give it it’s proper name, in women follows a very different path – in many respects it is more challenging and upsetting than it is for men. While a lot of men can go through an almost graceful retreat of their hairline, starting at the temples (where it can stop for years) and followed by a little thinning at the crown (where once again it might stop for years), before it eventually will reach the standard horseshoe (of various thicknesses). In women the thinning is diffuse and all across the top of the head, straight away it is highly visible anywhere the hair is parted. It’s degree of advance is enhanced by the contrast between the flesh and hair. For many women it is the sight if their scalp through their hair parting that causes the most distress. Some will use the camouflage powders popular with some men, but these are messy and unreliable requiring regular attention through the day to stay convincing. SMP holds the promise of a permanent fix to that problem and can be used to add density wherever it is required. It sees pigments delivered into the collagen beneath your scalp to recreate healthy follicles. These are matched to blend perfectly with your existing hair and, for many women, make a profound difference to how they feel about their hair.